What Is Jacqurd Fabric?

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Besides being a loom, Jacquard is also referred as a fabric and as a weave. Jacquard is an intricately woven pattern. The pattern is neither embroidered nor printed but woven directly into the fabric. The motif or image on a jacquard often appears in a different color or texture than the rest of the material, but it could also be the same color.

Jacquard designs can be from the very complex to as simple as a repeating geometric pattern. In fact it would not be wrong in saying that literally anything that can be imagined could be reproduced through the jacquard. Multiple color threads can be used to create a jacquard weave, resulting in complex gradations and patterns—landscapes, portraits, and other unique motifs are possible in a jacquard.

While it takes longer to create a jacquard weave, the result is a stretchy and more stable fabric than basic weaving yields. The drape and durability of the finished jacquard ultimately depends upon the type of fibers used in the weave. Fabrics such as Brocade, Brocatelle, Damask, Piqué, Tapestry, etc. fall under the category of Jacquard fabrics as these fabrics are woven on Jacquard loom fabric.


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