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Do You Want To Know About Different Type Of Curtain Styles And Materials?

curtain fabrics

Hello, this is Tushar Bhatia from Charu Creation Pvt. Ltd. So, this Buyer’s Guide series on Curtains will consist of videos on topics like Types Of Curtains, opacity, curtain style, materials, curtain pattern, curtain length, curtain features, etc. In the last video, I explained different Types of Curtains & Opacity of curtains. In this video, […]

Do not buy curtains without watching this video series!

curtain fabrics by charu creation

In this video which happens to be the first one i will describe different types of curtains: A) Types of Curtains: So the first type of curtain is 1) Panel Pair: Panel pair curtains feature two separate curtain panels. This type of curtain is popular in classic and contemporary styles. With a panel pair, you […]

Which Fabric For Face Mask?

fabrics for face mask

Which fabric for Face Mask? My unique designs, my unique patterns for the Designers Face Masks are ready. These Designer Masks are going to rock the market but I am not sure which fabric should I use to make Designer Face Masks? Should I use any fabric to make a Designer Face Mask? Does the […]

Charu Introduces Knitted Fabrics

knitted fabrics ,by charu creation

Are you in to the profession of Garment Manufacturing? Would you like to save your precious time and energy by getting all your Knit fabric requirements along with Woven and Non-Woven fabric requirements fulfilled under one roof? If yes, then this video is for you. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a […]

Bhaiya, kurti ke liye kitna meter kapda lagega?

fabric length, sizing chart

Bhaiya, kurti ke liye kitna meter kapda lagega? Agar fabric ki width 42 inches hai toh plazzo kitne meter fabric mein banega? Kya 2.5 meter mein crop top ban jayega? Yeh saare questions sune sunaye hain. Yeh hain aapke questions. Hello, Namaskar main hoon aapka Mitr Tushar, Charu Creation Pvt ltd, jo ki ek fashion […]

What Is Jacqurd Fabric?

jacquard fabric by charu creation nehru place new delhi

Besides being a loom, Jacquard is also referred as a fabric and as a weave. Jacquard is an intricately woven pattern. The pattern is neither embroidered nor printed but woven directly into the fabric. The motif or image on a jacquard often appears in a different color or texture than the rest of the material, […]

WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Cantaloupe

skin color dress material by charu creation at nehru place new delhi

The fifth and the last key color recommended by WGSN and Coloro for 2020 is Cantaloupe. The number designated to Cantaloupe by the color company “The Coloro” is 020 72 30. Cantaloupe is the vigorous color of fresh optimism. It symbolizes a sense of optimism, vitality and repair. Psychologically, orange has always been a symbol […]

Want To Know The Fabrics Used By Celebrities For Their Dresses


Want to know the fabrics used by celebrities for their dresses  Find latest designer printed cottons, rayons, organzas under one roof at that too at most economical price online. Do not just believe my word and verify this fact by checking the prices of our fabrics online with other websites. Our rates are gst […]

WGSN Color Trend Forecast 2020 – Neo-Mint

Neon Color Fabrics By Charu Creation

I described Yellow Mellow, Purist Blue, Cassis as the first 3 colors recommended by WGSN and Coloro. The fourth key color recommended by WGSN and Coloro for 2020 is Neo-Mint. Neo Mint is the Colour between Scientific Technology & Nature. The number designated to Neo-Mint by the color company “The Coloro” is 065 80 23. […]

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