What is Georgette?

What is Georgette?

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Are you a Garment or a Home furnishings manufacturer who is confused whether Georgette is a fabric, or a weave or a name of an effect? If yes, then do watch out this video for clarity. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

So friends, Georgette is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished, fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. Georgette is a part of the crêpe fashion fabric family. Georgette is typically a plain weave fabric that is woven using tightly twisted s-twist and z-twist yarns, which are yarns twisted in opposite directions.

Earlier it was made from silk, but in the today’s era Georgette has variations such as Silk Georgette, viscose georgette, polyester georgette and even nylon georgette. This explanation brings us to the answer of our main question “What is Georgette?”.

The answer is that Georgette is an effect which can be produced in a fabric made from fibers like cotton, viscose, polyester, etc. Georgette has a grainy texture and a slight crinkle effect on the surface. Georgette is durable, but snags easily, tears easily. It drapes very fluidly, and falls into soft ripples.

As a result of the weave and tight yarn twists, Georgette fabric has some bounce too. Georgette fabric has a number of uses in both fashion and home design. Since Georgette is not as sheer as chiffon, it is a great fabric for dresses.

A Georgette dress has a beautiful drape and clings to the figure nicely. Georgette is often used for evening gowns, bridal wear, and special occasions, but is a versatile fabric used for many different cuts of dresses, including a-line, pleated, flare, and wrap dresses.

It is also suited for midi dresses and maxi dresses with both long sleeves and short sleeves. Sarees are often made from georgette fabric, as the material layers nicely and has a good drape that works well when wrapped. Georgette is also used in home decor for items like window treatments, table decorations, and pillow covers.

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