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Tushar, show me printed fabrics in bulk having price around Rs. 100/meter. The buyer wants cheaper options. He is just not ready to shell out money”. This is what I have been hearing day in and day out from Garment Exporters, Merchandisers, Designers and Fabric Managers for the last couple of months. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi. In order to provide economical fabric in this post-Covid era, we present a collection of around 200 Printed Cotton Fabrics in Bulk. These printed fabrics having a width of around 42 inches are priced at just Rs. 98/meter. Friends, I want to acknowledge you for watching this video. I hope that samples made out of our printed fabrics would help you to win orders from your respective buyers and strengthen your business in these challenging times.

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