Do not buy Taffeta fabric without watching this video!

Do not buy Taffeta fabric without watching this video!

Taffeta is a crisp, lightweight fabric that is commonly used to make a variety of types of high-end women’s apparel. This plain woven fabric is smooth to the touch, and it can be made from a variety of different materials.

Traditionally, taffeta was made from silk, but with the advent of synthetic fibers in the 20th century, textile manufacturers started making this fabric from materials like rayon and polyester. One of taffeta fabric’s most notable attributes is its shape retention.

Many other thin fabrics tend to lose their shape as they are worn, but taffeta’s starched texture makes it possible to shape this fabric into a number of different forms that don’t deform or become distorted over the course of an evening.

When taffeta is worn, it produces a relatively noisy rustle due to its crispness. India is the biggest producer and exporter of taffeta fabric. Besides, the fabric is also produced in China, Pakistan, France, Italy and Russia.Taffeta is very breathable. It has low moisture-wicking abilities, low heat retention & low stretch abilities. It is not at all prone to pilling/bubbling.

It requires cold hand wash or dry cleaning.Taffeta is considered to be a luxury fabric, and it is relatively prone to damage. Therefore, it isn’t commonly used in everyday clothing; on the contrary, it is more common to see this type of fabric used in big-ticket apparel like wedding dresses and evening wear.

Due to its iconic rustling and lightweight heft, this fabric is commonly used in party attire of all kinds. For instance, it is frequently used to make party costumes, and it can also be used to make costumes for stage plays. Due to its softness, piece-dyed taffeta is sometimes used to make linings for jackets and coats. Beyond apparel, taffeta fabric is also used to make a number of consumer items.

For instance, umbrellas are commonly made with this fabric, and taffeta fabric is also used to make certain forms of insulation. In addition, this substance is sometimes used to make handbags and the stuffing in sleeping bags, and during World War II, this fabric was commonly used to make parachutes.

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