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Best Fabrics for the Rising Temperature of Summer

As summer begins, the temperature has already begun to play havoc and prevent us from wearing the desired clothes for our #OOTD or vacation look. You may be planning your perfect vacation with sunkissed selfies on the beach or a peaceful day in the cool mountains. Even if travel is not on your agenda, you can still find the Perfect Summer Dress that looks fashionable and keeps you cool.

It is not just about the right pattern or the right fit, but about what style you choose and what fabric you choose. Breathable fabrics such as cotton and lightweight fabrics will prevent sweat patches and these fabrics are comfortable for your skin.

Let’s look at some of the most popular summer fabrics to beat the heat this season.


Best Fabrics For Summer

In the summertime, cotton is the most popular and ideal natural fiber. Cotton is a breathable fabric as a result of the tiny hollow gaps in the fiber. This porous nature allows air to pass through and keeps the body cool in hot and humid weather.

In addition to being a sweat-absorbent fabric, cotton is also an air-permeable fiber, which means that it dries as you sweat while absorbing sweat.

Tips to take care of cotton:

● Cotton is a fabric that tends to shrink after a wash, so make sure to take it out of the washing machine and let it dry in a sunny spot.

● Make sure that you go for a loose fit rather than a skinny fit as it will shrink and you might not be able to wear it after a wash.

● Always wash your cotton clothes with cold water.

● For ironing the fabric, always refer to the care tag on the cloth for the right temperature Linen

Best Fabrics For Summer

Linen has its place at the top of the list of the best fabrics for summers as well. Even though linen is slightly more expensive than cotton, it is still preferred by many for its durability, minimalist appeal, and refined feel.

Linen is made from flax fibers, which makes it as absorbent and breathable as cotton, making it the perfect fabric to wear to stay cool in hot weather.

Despite sweating a lot, linen will not stick to your skin and make you look stiff and uncomfortable. This is why many types of linen fabrics are called “magic fabrics” since they wick away sweat before you even realize it.

Tips to take care of Linen:

● Linen should be washed in lukewarm or cold water and should be hung when it is a little damp to avoid stiffening and crumbling

● Linen should not be ironed in most cases as it straightens itself out.

● Store the fabric in a cool and dry place.

Khadi: Best Fabrics For Summer

Best Fabrics For Summer

Khadi is a hand-spun and woven natural cloth which has been associated with the freedom struggle where it was promoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Traditionally, Khadi is spun from cotton but can sometimes include silk or wool. It is a versatile fabric and keeps it wearer cool in the summers and warm in winter.

Khadi has made its place in the racks of well-known designers like Sabyasachi and Rajesh Pratap Singh and is an integral part of Indian culture. Khadi is a breathable material and is skin-friendly organic fabric because here there are no chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Tips to take care of Khadi

● It is in your best interest to hand wash Khadi and avoid tumble drying as much as possible

● The fabric should be line dried as it helps in retaining the shape and texture of the fabric ● It is also advised that you do not iron khadi but let it dry by itself

Georgette: Best Fabrics For Summer

Best Fabrics For Summer

Georgette is a woven silk fabric with a beautiful pattern and beautiful drape. It is a light and flowy fabric that is highly breathable and suitable for the summer. However, Georgette made from synthetic fibers is less breathable than Georgette made from silk fibers.

It is very flowy and has a nice structure and drape and is an ideal fabric for dresses or skirts as it holds dye well and is available in various patterns and colors. It is also suitable for the summer dresses you have in mind.

Tips to take care of  Georgette

● To wash the Georgette fabric, always use a mild detergent and wash it in cool water.

 ● Place your garment in a tub and pour detergent on top and move it lightly in the water to spread it evenly.

● Avoid wringing georgette fabric so it does not stretch and gets pulled

● Georgette fabric has a natural puckered appearance and dries quickly by simply laying it flat on a surface. Do not iron it to straighten it out.

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