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4 Ways Of Choosing The Right Color Combination

Choose correct color combination

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You face the challenge of color matching your Garments every morning when you open your wardrobe, you literally struggle with color combinations. Do not worry as you are not alone as 93.3% people on this planet including me struggle with choosing the right color combinations. Watch this video till end to solve the challenge of color combinations or color matching for once and all. Hello, this is Tushar from Charu Creation Pvt Ltd, a fashion fabric company at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

So friends, the solution to effortless color Combination is the Color Wheel. The Color wheel was first designed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, the same man famous for the Laws of motions. Let us quickly understand some fundamentals so that we can use the color Wheel in 4 basic ways. The color wheel consists of 12 colors in total. Out of them, three are primary colors namely red, yellow & blue. Then there are three secondary colors namely Orange, Purple and Green. Secondary colors are created when primary colors are mixed with each other. 

Further there are six tertiary colors. Tertiary colors are made from different combinations of primary and secondary colors. If you draw a line through the center of the wheel, then you’ll separate the warm colors from the cool colors. Reds, oranges & yellows are the warm colors while Blues, greens & purples are the cool colors. We need to know few more things before we are ready to use this color wheel. A pure raw color is called a Hue for example Red. If you add white to the Hue, it is called a Tint.  

Example, adding white to red gives a tint called Pink. Next, if you add black to the Hue, it is called a Shade. For example, red + black gives burgundy. Finally, if you add black and white (or grey) to the Hue, it is called a Shade. Now, there are primarily four ways of using this color wheel. The first is the complementary colors scheme. How to find these matching colors on the wheel? Simply, pick any color on the wheel and trace your finger directly across the circle to the opposite side of the wheel.

Complementary colors combined together to create the strongest contrast. The Goal of the two colors is to make the other pop! For example, red and green. Generally, it has been observed that the proportion of 70, 30 or 80, 20 works best for this particular color scheme. This means, the combination of garments in which you carry 70-80% of one color and 20-30 % of the other color works the best. A 50, 50 proportion in the complimentary color scheme becomes hard to carry.

The second scheme is the Analogous Color scheme. Just pick any color on the wheel then choose the color that is located right or the left of the one you chose. For example, Indigo & Purple. A word of caution, avoid mixing cool with warm colors for best result. The third and one of the easiest scheme is the Monochromatic Colors scheme. In this scheme you create a color scheme based on various shades and tints of one hue. Although it lacks color contrast, it often ends up looking very clean and polished. A perfect example is the colors in sky during the sunset. 

There are tints, tones and shades of the same hue in the Sunset Sky. The 4 fourth is the Neutral Colors Scheme. Neutral Colors consist of black, white, gray, beige, tan, olive, navy & some more. How to implement it? You just pick any neutral color and choose any color from the color wheel. And voila, your color combination is set. Neutral colors do not clash with each other. They pair well together, and you can be confident that your outfit looks great. Think of a white churidhar suit. 

Regardless of your age, skin tone, or body type, neutral colors are essentials for your wardrobe. Since neutral colors easily match with other colors, if you’re ever in doubt, wear neutrals. Friends, an interesting fact is that the Neutral Colors scheme is the most unconsciously used Color Scheme in the whole world. Our natural human tendencies & intuitions push us to wear garment having neutral colors. Friends, there are more Color schemes like Triadic Colors, Split-Complementary Colors, Tetradic Colors & Square Colors scheme. 

They are bit complex to implement. Friends, to view the color wheel for getting your color combination right, click on the link given in the description of the video. Friends, I hope that products made out of our fabric collection would bring you lots of appreciation. For any enquiry regarding fabrics, you may call us at +91-9971106200 or email us at charu@charu.org.in. For regular updates, subscribe to this Youtube channel & press the bell icon. Thanks a lot.

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