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Micro velvet is a high quality, medium weight fabric with a smooth back and velvet with a 100% polyester texture. Below are some of the types of velvet material that can be found in fabric stores and boutiques.

Cotton velvet fabric is less expensive but also looks less luxurious. Just gifted my microfiber sofas and wanted to treat myself to a plush velvet / velvet sofa but unfortunately not the best for dog hair. -14 RECTIFIER POWER MODULE IOR – NEW at the best prices on the internet, Free shipping on many products, Today’s deals up to 25% discount Fast delivery to your door Excellent quality Wise choice Up to 80% – 100% Authentic Guarantee. If you’re looking for a denser, richer texture, try a cotton velvet fabric (less sheen!). The Fabric material is useful for modeling fabrics such as cotton, wool, velvet, etc.

Originally, velvet was made from silk, but now various fibers are used to improve performance. It is hardly possible to give yourself a certain “correct” percentage of velvet in an evening dress, because there are dozens of design styles in which the accents of a particular fabric are very different. At Tissura, you can buy velvet fabrics online to bring the most exclusive fashion ideas to life. This rule also applies to velvet shoes made from the same fabric as your dress.

Stretch, devore and floral appliqués – Tissura velvet is produced by the main European manufacturers, whose maximum fabric expertise has made them highly acclaimed world famous fashion houses. Velvet is a rather demanding fabric as it has a very specific texture and shine. Get rid of expensive items – check out what’s on sale and take advantage of the best deals on the elegant African velvet you’re looking to purchase. DHgate offers you easy, safe and convenient access to many products including african velvet as well as competitive prices.

Jakob Schlaepfer, Carnet and HOH produce a wide range of fabrics, including beautiful printed velvet and embroidery for patterned clothing. Stretch velvet fabric is also useful as it provides freedom of movement. The scientific values ​​used may seem unintuitive to processors. The glitter effect can be used to simulate the soft backscattering effect commonly found on fabrics such as velvet or satin. Look no more African velvet fabric anywhere else when Dhgate’s bestseller collection is filled with the most coveted items that people love.

Beaded velvet is a popular holiday fabric and there is a really fun design you can do with velvet and rubber stamps. Add to cart Express materials in silk, velvet and glass. Express cloth or other items like silk, velvet and glass.

It is a material (shader) representing grooved surfaces such as CD, feathers, or fabrics such as velvet or satin. Bring home an exclusive Courtyard bed, a textured bedspread and cover, pillows, duvets, bathrobes, towels are just a few of the things most of us use every day. Polyester is a fabric used to make various types of linen fabrics that adorn churches, hospitals, and even your home. Our selection of bedding fabrics ranges from lightweight linen used in transporting patients.

This material is also mixed with linen, cloth and produce very delicate fabrics or garments, etc. Conclusion Linen upholstery fabric is the most used commodity in recent years. As dreamy as they seem, linen sheets are quite different if you’re used to sleeping on other fabrics, like cotton. Other uses for linen are hand embroidery, tablecloths, towels, napkins, window treatments, and … Just the thought of linen sheets conjures up the image of an airy, crisp fabric – even the most comfortable sheets ever swayed by the wind hung to dry in the linen rope in a quaint country house.

Thread or linen yarn can be woven into thin terry cloth and clothing fabrics. Woodrow is quilted and covered in a variety of premium aniline leathers and durable fabrics.

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Kaun se fabric ka Curtain aap aur aapkey parivaar ko gehri aur shaant neend ka anubhav, shaant neend ka experience dey sakta hai? Is prashan ke uttar ke liye iss video ko anth tak avashye dekhein.

Namaskar Mitron, main hon aapka Mitr, Tushar, Charu Creation Pvt Ltd se jo ki ek Fashion Fabric company hai Nehru Place, New Delhi me.

Mitron, gehri neend mein uttarne ke liye avashyak hai ki shareer aur mann dono shanth avastha mein hon. Ek taraf jahan roshni shareer aur mann dono ko urja pradaan karti hai wahin doosri taraf andhera, Darkness, Shareer aur mann dono ko shant hone mein sahayata karta hai. Aisa kehna galat nahi hoga ki gehri neend mein uttarne ke liye Gupt Andhera, utter darkness aur shant mahaul, quiet environment avashyak avasthayein hain, pre requistes hain.

blackout fabric se baney pardey aapko gehri neend mein uttarne key liye sahayak ho saktey hain. Toh kya hai yeh blackout fabric? Mitron, blackout fabric bananey kay liye Polyester fabric ya Nylon fabric kay upar kaaley rang ki foam ki coating kari jaati hai ya kehiye parat chadaayi jaati hai aur Phir Iss kaali parat kay upar, halke ya safaid rang ki foam ki parat chadaayi jaati hai. Jab Polyester ya Nylon fabric pay 2 layers, 2 parat chadi hoon toh ussey 2 pass Blackout fabric kaha jaata hai aur jab 3 layers, 3 parat chadi ho toh ussey 3 pass Blackout fabric kaha jaata hai. Doston, blackout fabric 90 se leker 99% tak, 90 to 99 percent light ko, roshni ko rok sakta hai, block kar sakta hai.

Issi wajah se, Joh log raat mein kaam karne key kaaran, din mein soote hain, unke liye toh blackout fabric curtains rambaan ki tarah hain.

Doston, aapko jaan ke heraani hogi ki blackout fabric ka avishkar dvitya vishwa yudh, second world war kay samay england mein hua tha. Tab iska prayog kamre kay andar ki roshni ko bahar jaane se rokney kay liya hota tha taaki dushman kay, shatru kay fighter jets ki bombing say bacha jaa sake. Mitron, yeh fabric roshni kay saath saath awaaz ko, noise ko bhi rokta hai, block karta hai. Blackout fabric se baney parde, baney curtains Students ka padaai par dhayaan badane ke liye, focus badane ke liye ek bahut aacha tareeka ho sakta hai.

Doston, Iss fabric ki khoobiyan yahin khatam nahi hoti. Iss fabric se baney pardey kamre kay taapmaan ko niyantrit rakhtein hain, room temperature ko maintain karte hain. Garmiyon mein kamrey ko thanda rakhte hain aur saardiyon main garam rakhte hain. Iska matlab aapka air conditioner ya heater kam bijli ka prayoog karey ga aur aapka bijli ka bill bhi kam aayega. Farsh ko, floors ko aur Kamre mein padey hue furniture ko bhi blackout fabric sooraj ki Ultra violet Rays se, suraj ki haani karak kirnon se bachataa hai. Issi khoobi Kay kaaran iss fabric ko urja sanrakshan ya energy conservation key liye bahut opyukt, appropriate maana jaata hai.

 Mitron, Samajhdaar restaurant owners blackout fabric curtains ka kaafi aacha prayog karte hain. Restaurant mein lagey huey blackout fabric curtains, blackout pardey roshni ko, awaaz ko, aur taapmaan ko temperature ko niyantrit kartey hai, control kartey hain aur parinaam swaroop hamari jeebh par, tongue par upastith taste buds zayaada activate ho jaate hain, adhik sakriye ho jaate hain aur hummey khaaney main Adhik swaad aata hai. Innhi khoobiyon key kaaran kayi log food experience ko behtar bananey key liye apne dining room mein blackout fabric curtains ka prayoog karte hain.

Blackout fabric projector screen bananey ke liye bhi ek bahut aacha option hai. Chemical treatment dwaara, blackout fabrics ko fire-retardant, agni virodhak bhi banaaya ja sakta hai. Koyi heraani ki baat nahi hai ki itni saari khoobiyon waale blackout fabric ka prayog alag alag jagaahon jaise hospitals, cinema halls, auditoriums, planetariums aur anek anek jagahoon par hota hai. Yeh fabric kewal kaale rang, black color hi nahi balki anek anek rango mein, multiple colors me uplabdh hai.

 Doston, itni khoobiyon key saath saath, blackout fabric ki ek khaami bhi hai. Blackout fabric kuch logon ko suit nahi karta. Blackout fabric key nirmaan mein prayog hue chemical mein Volatile Organic Compunds, VOC hote hain. Yeh VOC samay key saath saath bahut bareek maatra mein hawaa mein ghul jaate hain jinke kaaran kuch logon ko allergy, migraine, siir dard, saans lene mein samasaya, jaisee pareshaniyaan ho sakti hai. Shodh key anusaar, research key anusaar aise log bahut choti maatra mein hain, jinhe blackout fabric se samasya hui hai magar haan aise kuch log hain jinhe blackout fabric suit nahi karta.

Mitron, iss video ko dekhne ke liye aap sabhi ka bahut bahut abhinandan. Main aasha karte hoon ki hamare fabrics se banaye huye products aapke jeevan me sakaraatmak urja, positive energy ko badaayenge. 

Blackout fabrics ki collection dekhne ke liye, niche description me diye gaye link pe click kare. Kissi bhi prakar ki fabrics ki jaankaari key liye aap humme +91-9971106200 par call kar sakte hain ya charu@charu.org.in par email bhej sakte hai. Aisey hi information bharey videos ko dekhne ke liye iss channel ko avashya subscribe karein. Dhanyawaad. Aapka din shubh ho.

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Kya aap chahte hain ki aap ki KURTI aapke Figure ko, aapke looks ko aur adhik attractive, aakarshak banaye? Agar haan toh iss video ko anth tak avashye dekhein.

Namaskar Mitron, main hon aapka Mitr, Tushar, Charu Creation Pvt Ltd se jo ki ek Fashion Fabric company hai Nehru Place, New Delhi me. Mitron, agar aapke kapde, aapke Garments aapke body type ko compliment karenge toh aapki appearance kayi guna aadhik attractive ho jayegi.  Mitron, Aesthetics aur Fashion Science ke drishtikon se ek manusya ke tan ko, shareer ko 10 vibhin prakaar ke body types me baata ja sakta hai. Iss 10 prakaroo me bhi 5 mukhye body types hai jinki charcha me iss video me karunga.

1. Pehla body type hai Round yah Oval shaped body type: Agar bust, maaney chhati tulnatmak taur se, relatively shareer key baaki hisse se badi hai, heavy hai, agar pait golakar ka hai aur hips tulnatmak taur se narrow hai, sankuchit hai, to yeh body type round yah oval shaped body type kehlata hai. Round body type waali ladies ko gehre rang, darker shades ki kurtiyan zayaada jachtee hain. Aapko cotton aur silk fabric se bani kurtiyan zayaada jachenge gi kyun ki cotton aur silk fabric shareer se chipakta nahin hai. Cotton and Silk do not cling to the body. Aapko clingy clothes avoid karne chahiye. Aap par flowy A line kurtis zayaada suit karengi. V-shaped necklines yah embellished necklines aapki bust ko aapki looks ka center of attraction banayeingi. Dhaayan dijiye, round body type ki ladies ki bust unki looks ka sabse zayaada positive aspect hai, sabse zayaada attractive aspect aur hamein apne positive aspect ko highlight karna hai. Kurtis jin mein hem aur shoulder par embroidery ho rakhi hai, woh aapke attraction ko bahut badaeingi. Flared aur cuffed sleeves aap par bahut suit kareingi.

2. Doosri main body type hai rectangle shaped body type: Isse banana yah straight shaped body type bhi kaha jaata hai. Agar aapke shoulders, kandhey, aapki bust, chaati, aapki waist, qamar aur aapki hips ka measurement lag bhag lag bhag ek jaisa hai, straight line me hai toh aapka body type hai rectangle shaped body type. Iss body type ki ladies par broad, chodhi aur deep neck ki kurtis zayaada suit karti hain. Aapki waist par belt bahut attractive lage gi. Iss body type mein maaney rectangle shaped body type mein curves ki kami hoti toh aapko aisi kurtiyan pehenni chaiyein jinke design mein curves ho. Anarkali ya heavy fabrics se bani Kurtis aapke structure ko volume pradaan kareingi. Rectangle shaped body type mein volume ki kaami hoti hai. Panel Detailing waali kurtis aur kurtis jin mein pleats ho, woh aap par bahut suit karengi.

3. Teesri Body type hai Pear Shaped Body Type: Iss body type ko triangle shaped body type bhi kaha jaata hai. Iss body type main, aapke shoulders manney kandhay, aapki bust, chhati, aur appki arms, baazu kaafi narrow hoti hai, sankiuchit hoti hai hips ki tulna me. Iss body type main tulnatmak taur pe hips ki chaudai zayaada hoti hai. Aisi body type waali ladies ko flare waali kurtiyan pehenani chahiye. Straight cut long kurtis aapke structure ko length provide karein gi aur aapko attractive banaye gi. Iss body type pe collar pattern, boat neck aur square neck style waali necklines kaafi suit karti hain. Is body type ke liye, kurtiyon ki sleeves aisi honi chahiye jo aapki baazuon ko bhari hui shape de.

4. Chautha body type hai hour glass body type. Asthethics ke drishti kon se, fashion science ki nazariye se yeh body type sabse zayaada attractive, balanced aur symmetrical, sudol body type hai. Iss body type me shoulders, kandhein aur hips lag bhag lag bhag ek size key hote hain aur waist narrow hoti hai. Khobsurat aur shandaar curves iss body type ki pehchaan hain. Branded clothes, branded kapde issi body type ko dhyaan me rakh kar banaye jaate hain. Agar aapka yeh body type hai toh aap kaafi lucky hain kyun ki aap kisi bhi type ki kurti pehen sakti hain. Aap par har prakar ki kurtis suit kareingi.

5. Pachwa body type hai Inverted Triangle Shaped Body: ISS body type me shoulders manney kandhein aur Bust maaney chhati waist aur hips se zayaada chaudey hote hain. Personally meri body type bhi, Inverted triangle shaped body type hai. Iss body type waali ladies ko aisi kurtiyan pehenani hai jisse dekhene waale ka dhyaan lower body, nichli body ki taraf jaaye. Aisi Kurtiyoon ko avoid karein jinn mein shoulders detailing ho ya high necklines hon. Low neckline waali kurtiyan iss body type pe bahut suit karti hain. Fashion experts Short kurtiyan layered lowers jaise ki patiala ya skirts ke saath iss body type ke liye recommend karte hain. Raglan sleeves waali kurtiyan bhi iss body type ke liye recommended hai.

Friends, main aap sabhi ko dhanyawaad kehna chahte hoon ki aapne aapna samay iss video ko diya. Main aasha karte hoon ki hamare fabrics se banaye huye garments aur doosre products aapke jeevan me ek positive value add karein gey. Latest kurtiyon ke fabrics dekhne ke liye, niche description me diye link pe click kare.

Kissi bhi prakar ki fabrics ki jaankaari key liye aap humme +91-9971106200 par call kar sakte hain ya charu@charu.org.in par email bhej sakte hai. Aisey hi information bharey videos ko dekhne ke liye iss channel ko subscribe karein. Dhanyawaad. Aapka din shubh ho.

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